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3i-2424-146U | SKB 6U iSeries Fly Rack - 19 in skb, cases, fly rack, injection plastic, cases2go
Price: $644.99
Availability: Available
Item #: RIS-3i-2424-146U -

6U iSeries Fly Rack - 19" Featuring both injection molded cases and racks, SKB's improved waterproof Fly Racks are lighter in weight and more affordable than previous models?all without compromising strength or durability. SKB's injection molded rack frames are manufactured alongside the iSeries cases in Orange, California. Rack frames are removable and fit easily into SKB's iSeries cases, where they are protected by high quality PE foam that provides space for protruding knobs and buttons. At...

1SKB-iSF2U | SKB Injection Molded 2U Studio Flyer Rack Case skb, cases, rack, studio, flyer, injection molded plastic, cases2go
Price: $264.99
Availability: Available
Item #: RIS-1SKB-iSF2U -

SKB Cases Injection Molded 2U Studio Flyer Rack Case 1SKB-iSF2UThe 1SKB-iSF2U Studio Flyer is a powerhouse of innovative features packed into a compact, convenient carry-on size. Boasting a virtually indestructible injection molded shell that is both lighter, stronger, and less expensive than the previous 2U Studio Flyer, the 1SKB-iSF2U also features front and rear molded-in square rack rails pre-installed with cage nuts for an extra element of security and durability for sensitive equipment...

1SKB19-RSF4U | SKB Studio Flyer 4U skb, cases, flyer, rack, studio, ata, rotomolded plastic, cases2go
Price: $354.99
Availability: Available
Item #: RIS-1SKB19-RSF4U -

SKB Studio Flyer 4UA standard 4U rack mount for recording devices or a disk drive, and an extra large adjustable laptop or flatscreen compartment are the perfect solution for transporting and protecting portable studio equipment.The 4U Studio Flyer case is rotomolded with four in-line wheels, a two stage injection molded pull-out handle for easy transport, thick convoluted foam padding in the lid and an innovative cleat system to help secure a laptop during transport, patented glass fiber...

3i-2222-1210U | SKB 10U iSeries Fly Rack - 10 in skb, cases, fly rack, injection plastic, cases2go
Price: $609.99
Availability: Available
Item #: RIS-3i-2222-1210U -

10U iSeries Fly Rack - 10"Our internal Fly Rack frames are made in Orange, California, and are built of high-strength, lightweight aluminum alloy and 11 gauge hot rolled carbon steel rack rails?just like SKB Military Grade Shock Racks. The internal frame contains front and rear rack rails with a 10" rack depth. ABS plastic covers the top and bottom of the removable shock rack for added protection when the rack is out of the case. The rack frame easily fits into SKB's iSeries case and is...