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ZARGES Mitraset 19" housings are designed to accommodate electronic devices in a 19" rack. They also protect equipment against general environmental effects such as impact, shock and vibration, protection against electromagnetic interference's such as radio waves, lightning etc., as well as general environmental effects such as heat, humidity, dust etc. To meet these stringent requirements Mitraset 19" housings have special design features: casing constructed of precision welded high tensile aluminum sheets to which an elastically suspended anti-vibration frame, made of extrusions, is fitted. The device to be protected is inserted into this frame and screwed in. The anti-vibration frame is connected to the casing via rails and rubber shock mounts, with the material and type of mount selected in accordance with requirements.

Aluminum Rackmount Cases | Mitraset | ZARGES Rack

ZARGES Mitraset Rackmount Case Features:

  • ZARGES Mitraset Aluminum Rackmount CasesProtection class IP 65 in accordance with DIN 40 050 and ICE 34-5/529 through seam welded housing and lid with sealed gasket
  • Base with stacking bars, top sheet with stacking recesses
  • All sizes are stackable with one another (except depth 610)
  • Inside frame made of aluminum extrusions suspended by shock mounts
  • Sides with countersunk spring loaded handles
  • All sides and lids with reinforcement ribs (except depth 610)
  • 8 rubber mounts with slide rails to support the anti-vibration frame
  • Completely removable anti-vibration frame
  • Lids with quick-release fasteners
  • Available in various depths and heights
  • Extensive special range for numerous uses
  • Installation into Dornier-Shelter-Racking possible
  • Also available as packaging in accordance with the UN regulations for transport of hazardous goods.

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Mitraset Aluminum Rackmount
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Availability: Built To Order
Item #: RZG-Mitraset-Rackmount-Case -

ZARGES Aluminum Mitraset Rackmount CaseMitraset 19″ rack mount cases are designed to accommodate electronic devices in a 19″ rack. They protect equipment against a wide range of influences, including mechanical influences such as shock, impact and vibrations, electromagnetic interference from radio waves, lightning, etc., as well as general environmental effects such as heat, moisture, dust etc. Mitraset 19″ rack mount cases incorporate the following features in order to meet these...

ZARGES Racklite Aluminum Rackmount Case
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Availability: Built To Order
Item #: RZG-Racklite-Rackmount-Case -

MITRASET RACKLITEThe ZARGES MITRASET RACKLITE aluminum rack mount case is the perfect choice in protection for mission critical components from the desert to the arctic. MITRASET RACKLITE is 15% lighter than the competition, making it ideal for programs with strict size and weight budgets. The structural rigidity of the case eliminates distortion resulting from high temperature exposure; interchangeable lids and spring steel latches replace mismatched rack mount lids and knuckle busting...