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Cases2Go provides complete design and manufacturing services for custom shipping cases to fit your unique application requirements. From heavy-duty transit to lightweight carrying cases, Cases2Go has developed a comprehensive range of products lines to serve and support diverse industries.

Our product selection is utilized by people and organizations who require the best protection available for the transport of sophisticated equipment, from electronic and computer equipment to broadcast and video equipment.

Our cases are designed to protect what you put inside them. Our precision design and manufacturing process allows us to create extremely customized solutions tailored to your specific application. Our heavy duty shipping cases can be re-used year-after-year, and our specially engineered foam interiors can be re-manufactured as your needs change over time.

Design & Engineering Services

Our team of engineers and design specialists can provide a personalized solution specific to your application requirements. We offer precision foam fabrication, integration of components, custom power solutions, custom tooling, rapid prototyping and other personalized options such as labeling or unique exterior finishes.

Complete Manufacturing

  • Welding: AWS B2.1 which covers all welding processes and an exhaustive array of materials used in metal fabrication and ASME Section IX-Pressure Vessel Certified for air tight/water tight metal enclosures.
  • Painting: Our Self Contained paint booth is an impressive double wall insulated cabin and allows for re-circulating heating and forced air systems to create the perfect end product.
  • Coating: Our chemical coating facility allows for the treatment all of aluminum sheeting and extruded parts. The iriditing process chemically seals aluminum, formulating corrosion resistance and meets Navy salt spray specifications (MIL-5541).
  • Metal Fabrication: Our press brake and extensive collection of bending dies allows us to bend in any type of metal up to a 1/4 inch thick. Touch screen programming software and a high-speed hydraulic system allows our press brake to move through any sequence of bends at a rapid pace, in turn creating a highly productive work center.

Quality & Testing

All our products must meet stringent standards of quality and testing. Our custom case solutions are tested to meet ATA Spec 300, Category 1 and / or MIL-STD-810G compliance when applicable.

We are committed to providing our military and government customers solutions that are battle tested, and field proven. Our military cases are subjected to rain, sand, wind, shock, and temperature extremes to guarantee their durability and integrity in protecting your specialized equipment.

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