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Pelican - Hardigg Cases

Pelican - Hardigg manufactures rotomolded and injection molded shipping cases for commercial, industrial, and military use. Hardigg cases are designed to survive the toughest of conditions, and to protect its contents from damage. With their unique design process, Pelican - Hardigg cases have become one of the toughest and most reliable cases in the industry.

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Whatever your case needs are, whether they're for transit or storage, Pelican-Hardigg has the right case for you. If you're looking for a particular style case, Cases2Go engineers can assist you. Pelican-Hardigg offers single lid cases, flange mount cases, rackmount cases, storm cases, LCD cases, and many other style cases. If you need a case specially designed simply fill out a Request A Quote for Pelican-Hardigg Cases and supply, in detail, your specific needs. If you're in the military and you need special pricing visit our government sales page or contact a Cases2Go agent.

Pelican-Hardigg cases are built from a process called rotational molding. This is a four step process that involves molding plastic resins into form by rotating the mold on both the vertical and horizontal axis. The plastic resins are loaded into the mold, the mold is heated, slowly rotated on its horizontal and vertical axis, then cooled with air and water while still being rotated. This process of rotomolding results in a stronger product from seamless parts, uniform wall thickness, more material in corners, and lighter in weight. Rotomolding improves flexibility, and load-bearing properties, and can be customized with complex contours, flanges, and molded-in threads.

Pelican-Hardigg Shipping Cases and Rackmount Cases

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Pelican-Hardigg Cases are built with superior craftsmanship, versatility and proven track record of strength. What makes Pelican-Hardigg cases different? The patented anti-shear lid to base interlock and molded in hardware. Pelican-Hardigg offers 350+ standard sizes of cases, the largest in the world, and the most complete line of rotomolded 19" double entry rackmount containers with shock mounted EIA aluminum racks for mobile electronic equipment. Pelican-Hardigg cases not only meet ATA requirements, but every single one of them far exceeds those requirements as well. Pelican-Hardigg industries has patented several features for their cases, such as:

  • Comfort Grip Handles
  • Interlocking ribs
  • Anti-shear interlocks
  • Molded-in inserts