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ZARGES Retour Collapsible aluminum shipping and storage cases are economical units in a packaging and transport chain based on the principle “big out, small in.” Depending on their size and design, these containers can hold up to 1000 lb. When collapsed, their volume shrinks to around one third.

Fill it – Ship it – Break it down and do it again!

Retour Collapsible Case

K470 Aluminum ATA Shipping & Storage Case

Retour Collapsible Case Features:

  • Collapsible reusable packaging made from aluminum alloy.
  • Can be collapsed quickly and easily by one person.
  • Simple handling due to interlocking profiles with connection locking device on the floor pan and side parts.
  • Side protection profiles.
  • High degree of stability through three sets of profiles on the outside walls.
  • Folding ratio 1:3.
  • Lid securely fastened to rear wall by swing-type hinge.
  • End-walls and lid with additional, externally mounted stiffening profiles.
  • Self-locking fasteners, suitable for lead seals and / or locking with a shackle lock. Stacking corners.
  • Suitable for use on roller conveyors.