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Every year shock and vibration causes millions of dollars of damage during transport and handling of sensitive and valuable equipment. The Pelican SKID-MATE air-dampened cushions provide maximum protection against shock and vibration, taking the place of wood skid runners and permit four-way pallet entry, making loading and unloading easy.

The Pelican SKID-MATE is designed to mount directly to pallet bases with a 5/16" 18 UNC bolt. The SKID-MATE Spacer adds an additional 1 1/8" to the SKID-MATE cushion, increasing the total height to 4 inches, allowing your pallet-loaded freight to accept most pallet jacks.

Pelican Skid Mates | Pallet Cushions

The SKID-MATE is an air dampened cushioning device that provides a fast, cost effective and durable customized solution to protect sensitive products from shock and vibration.

The SKID-MATE can be easily mounted on a crate or pallet base creating an air-ride cushion in place of hardwood skid runners eliminating the need for expensive air-ride trucks.

Load Range Per Pad: 20-35 lbs.
Part Number: 35-630-035T

Each color coded SKID-MATE corresponds to a specific load range and allows users to calculate their requirements simply and easily to avoid potential laboratory testing and use of expensive packaging materials.

Integrated T-nut requires 5/16" -18 bolt (not included)
96 cushions / standard carton

Please Call for quantity pricing on 6 cartons or more

  • Reduce packaging design & assembly time and cost
  • Eliminate costly damage from handling hazards
  • Reduce costs associated with shock and vibration
  • Provide protection during loading/unloading
  • Eliminate the need for expensive air-ride vans
  • Permit 4-way pallet entry design
  • Easily add shock protection to crates/pallets
  • SKID-MATE+PLUS fits most pallet jacks worldwide

Load Range Per Pad: 30-50 lbs.
Part Number: 35-630-050T

Load Range Per Pad: 45-80 lbs.
Part Number: 35-630-080T

Load Range Per Pad: 70-125 lbs.
Part Number: 35-630-125T

Load Range Per Pad: 125-225 lbs.
Part Number: 35-630-225T

Part Number: 2-020-00509

Pelican-Hardigg SKID-MATES Performance Data