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Composite Rackmount Cases

The Pelican-Hardigg™ Composite Case provides exceptional equipment protection with the added utility of slide-mounted 19-inch racks.

These compact racks allow access to electronic equipment during installation, integration and maintenance. Manufactured from strong GMT (Glass Mat Thermoplastic) composite material, our Composite Cases are lightweight yet extremely stiff and strong to absorb high impact while protecting sensitive components. And with Pelican's capabilities and efficient engineering they’re ready for field deployment and mission critical operations.

Optimum sway space and state of the art elastomeric mounts deliver exceptional shock and vibration protection for 40 – 80G.

Shock mounted aluminum interior racks with CEA-310 compliant mounting holes provide multiple equipment integration capabilities. Sizes are available from 3U to 14U.

Watertight protection from moisture, salt spray, sand and dust.

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Products 1-9 of 55

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Our sales representatives are also always here to assist you to find the perfect case for your requirements. As with all companies that Cases2Go works closely with, most of the products that are offered are customizable to your needs; just call or e-mail us and we will make every attempt to produce the case that you need. We can be reached by e-mail at sales@cases2go.com or by phone at 800.636.1690

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