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Shop for Laptop Computer Cases at Cases2GoLaptops are an indispensable part of our lives, with the convenience of their portability. That portability, however, leaves them vulnerable to damage. Soft cases are great for everyday use, but a business traveler may deem it wise to transport their laptop in a hard case for that added sense of security. A damaged laptop can render an important and expensive trip useless; a small investment in a ruggedized case will reduce that exposure, keeping you laptop safe from drops, scratches, rain and dust.

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Cases2Go has been selling laptop cases ever since the portable computers first became popular decades ago - both soft and hard cases. If your requirements include transport cases for multiple laptops, desktop or server systems, or any combination thereof, we've produced these cases before and can configure one for your equipment to meet your shipping & protection specifications. Below are some of the brands we can configure to carry your equipment safely. As most customers have very specific needs, our packaging experts are ready to help you design an affordable and durable shipping case.

Anvil Laptop Cases

Anvil Laptop & Computer Cases

Anvil cases make it possible to transport your delicate computer equipment anywhere in the world without the slightest bit of worry. Designed to protect even the most fragile and sensitive equipment, Anvil cases are recognized worldwide as the most durable reusable transit cases. Our cases are designed specifically for your computer equipment, carefully taking into consideration the fragility of each item and the type of travel the case will encounter, whether it's checked as baggage or shipped air freight.

Briggs & Riley Briefcases

Briggs & Riley Laptop Cases

Briggs & Riley products are synonymous with quality and value. For too long the highest quality products were accessible only to those who could afford premium prices. Thus, Briggs & Riley is driven by one overriding objective: providing high quality merchandise at reasonable prices. Experienced consumers know that there is a balance between price quality and value. In brief, Briggs & Riley is committed to making high-quality luggage, have it in a large assortment of innovative styles to fit the individual needs of our customers, have it at a legitimate price, and of course, take care of our customer with a warranty like no other company on earth.

Pelican Briefcases

Pelican Laptop & Computer Briefcases

Our line of Pelican Laptop Protector Cases are offered in seven different styles for just about any size laptop, even 17" models. Pelican Cases provide airtight, watertight and padlockable protection to ensure your mobile gear is protected from possible shock vibrations, water damage or intrusion. Each case is equipped with a tongue-and-groove closure, polymer O-Ring, Gore-Tex pressure equalization valve and stainless steel reinforced padlock protectors. Many models also come standard with locking latches and rubber over-molded handles for added security and comfort.

Platt Luggage Briefcases

Pelican-Hardigg Laptop & Computer Cases

Pelican-Hardigg Cases engineers and manufactures rugged, rotationally molded plastic cases for commercial, industrial, and military shipping. The rotomolding process offers impact resistant protection, strength, and watertight packaging. Pelican-Hardigg also offers the Pelican-Storm line of injection molded cases. Pelican-Hardigg computer shipping cases are available in both single and multi-designs to accomodate a variety of computer applications.

ZERO Halliburton Briefcases

ZERO Halliburton Laptop Cases

For maximum protection and style, check out Zero Halliburton’s line of aluminum attachés. With an attaché made of aluminum, your documents and other business essentials will stay protected from many of the damaging situations that can occur during travel, including: falls, collisions, scratches, dust and rain. Zero Halliburton attachés are constructed of airplane quality aluminum which is heat-treated to over 900 degrees. This production process strengthens the attaché significantly while remaining amazingly lightweight. Each attaché features a neoprene gasket to repel dust and moisture, a triple digit combination lock and a ergonomic tennite handle. Zero Halliburton attachés are available in a Satin Silver or Anodized Black finish and are lined in black leather with black trim.

By scanning through the catalog at Cases2Go, you can easily find the computer case that will provide enough protection for your computer as well as allow for easy transport and style preference. A number of the world’s leading travel and business luggage companies offer distinctive computer briefcases which allow you to carry everything: your laptop, your files and papers, electronic gadgets and even your keys. Now you can transport your laptop anywhere in the world and conduct business or just check e-mail, wherever you may be.

As laptops come in a variety of styles and sizes, so do computer cases. Among the many offerings found on Cases2Go are computer briefcases, rolling cases and backpacks. The style of case you choose should depend on what type of traveling you will do with the computer. If you want to have your hands free, than a backpack from Briggs & Riley would be a wise choice. If you would rather avoid the sore back and shoulders associated with a backpack or briefcase, then a rolling case would probably be a better choice.

The right briefcase will not only help to keep you organized, but will also give you a more professional appearance and everyone will know that you mean business. As with all companies that Cases2Go works closely with, most of the products that are offered are customizable to your needs; just call or e-mail us and we will make every attempt to produce the case that you need. We can be reached by e-mail at sales@cases2go.com or by phone at 800-636-1690.